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It's all Greek to understand the mysterious beauty of Greece. A country with a beautiful and varied nature, high mountains, lacework of coastline, blue and beguiling seas, thousands of islands, and a mild and invigorating climate with a blazing sun and light. All these have enabled Man to make the first staggering steps from the darkness of ignorance towards civilization.

There are hundred of Greek Islands ; each one is uniquely different from its neighbor. From dry barren islands such as Kea to lush Greek islands such as Kerkyra ( Corfu ). From holy islands like Patmos and Tinos to jet-set partying islands like Mykonos. Within the hundreds of these beautiful islands there is something for everyone.

Athens is the capital of Greece, which is considered as the birth of ‘Democracy'. Athens offers the visitor the benefits of two worlds: the strong echoes of the past are combined with the characteristics of the modern city.

There are 1400 islands in Greece of which 169 are inhabited so one can easily find what one seeks. Whether one wants to travel to an isolated island or to a cosmopolitan island full of Greece hotels or even to explore the remains of some of Europe 's oldest civilizations, it is all there for you. For most, it is the lure of sand, sea and the year round of sunshine weather, which is the biggest attraction.

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