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Bodrum city turkey has emerged as a very popular tourist resort due to its attractive coastline and active nightlife. Every year a few hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this city. The city is a Turkish port in Mugla Province, on the Bodrum Peninsula, near the northwest entrance to the Gulf of Gökova, and faces the Greek island of Kos. It is a center of tourism and yachting.

Bodrum city turkey was the capital city of the satrapy of Caria under the Persian Empire. During the ancient times it was known as Halicarnassus. Mausolus made the city his capital and the location ensured the city enjoyed considerable autonomy. After the death of Mausolus in 353 BC, his wife, Artemisia, employed the Greek architects Satyros and Pithios, and the sculptor Scopas to build a monument to him, the first Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. By the mid-1980s, Bodrum became an important tourist resort in Turkey, along with Marmaris, Çesme, Kusadasi, Antalya, and Alanya.

The night life of Bodrum city turkey is something to look forward to for the guests as it’s very special. Even the Turks have ranked Bodrum after Istanbul as number 2. Bodrum probably has more bars per area than other places in Turkey, appealing to all tastes. Among them are intimate seaside cafes with magnificent views of the illuminated castle. Shopping in Bodrum city turkey is a pleasure through the narrow streets of Bodrum between the white walls and the visitors to the city must certainly give it a try. The traditional Turkish crafts are very popular and difficult to resist buying something. The most popular souvenirs for the tourist are the carpets, varied leather, copper and bronze wares, silver and gold, handicrafts and embroidery, and the famous Turkish meerschaum and onyx are on many peoples' lists.

Bodrum city turkey witnesses a lot of festival celebration through out the year and these festivals are a big time attraction for the tourists to the city. Visitors to the city must not miss on these popular and interesting festivals. Some of the important festivals are:

The Bicycle Festival: This festival is held in May, organized by the Bodrum Nature Sports Club (BODOSK). The festival starts in Neyzen Tevfik Street and, after following several bicycle trails, ends at the Quay Centre. This festival has other activities and displays such as acrobats, dance shows, and live music performances, attracts large crowds.

National Festival: National festival has on its list the 30th August Victory Festival, the Rebublic Festival, the Liberation Festival and many more. This festival has the traditional element of the participation of seymens and zeybeks in the celebrations with their special costumes in the official ceremonies of these festivals. It is enthusiastically celebrated in cities and towns.

Seasonal Festivals: The times of seasonal festival celebrations may differ in accordance with the prevailing conditions in nature, the climate and the environment. Though, some of the festivals such as hidirellez and Nevruz are celebrated at the same time in all regions. Some festival dates are connected to domestic production conditions, and the dates of some others are decided by calendar tradition.



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