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Istanbul is a bustling, cosmopolitan place, which consists of three different sections: the southwest, almost a peninsula bounded by the Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus, and the Golden Horn, where most of the monuments are located; the more modern north-west section on the other side of the Golden Horn; and the east on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, which is primarily residential.

Historically, Istanbul as founded by Emperor Constantine in AD 326 on the back of a much older village. It remained capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires right up until 1923, its illustrious past leaving a rich legacy of mosques, churches, museums and magnificent palaces, coupled with bustling bazaars and a vibrant street life. Istanbul is made up of three distinct cities. The old city of Istanbul is decorated with parks and gardens. Amongst hundreds of fascinating sights, the main attractions include Topkapi, the sumptuous palace of the Ottoman sultans overlooking the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus; the delicately decorated Blue Mosque, the only mosque in the world with six minarets; the vast dome of Aya Sophia, built in 536 as a Byzantine cathedral, later a mosque and now a museum and, underground, the Yerebatan Sarayi, a vast Byzantine cistern supported by 336 Corinthian columns. Nearby, the commercial heart of the city, the Grand Bazaar, is still a captivating sight for shoppers and window-shoppers alike, while further along the narrow inlet of the Golden Horn, the Kariye Camii has some of the finest Byzantine mosaics to survive today. Across the Golden Horn, 'modern' Istanbul, Beyoglu, dates back to the foreign cantonments of the 13th century.

This is where you find the restaurants, hotels, and modern shops, while the truly modern areas around Taksim are home to cultural centers, exhibition halls and office blocks. Come and discover the glorious past history of Istanbul with us at StayResTurley.com. Book luxurious Istanbul hotels @ discount rate.


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