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Antalya Archaeological Museum
Antalya Archaeological Museum
Antalya Archaeological Museum is a prize winning museum and one of the most notable archaeology museums, of the world. It is also the only museum in Turkey with a children's department exhibiting ancient monuments appealing to children. This museum was awarded "Museum of the Year" in 1988 at a meeting in Delphi by the Council of Europe. It houses a wide-ranging collection of exhibits, from fossils dating back to Stone and Bronze ages to articles from the Helenistic-Roman-Byzantine periods. Some of the highlights of the museum are fine statues of Roman Emperors; Trajan, Hadrian and Septimus Severus and sarcophagi depicting the 12 labors of Hercules. This museum also houses some of St. Nicholas's relics. He was the bishop of Myra , about 50 km west of Antalya . In addition, it contains a fine collection of mosaics, frescoes and Byzantine icons.


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