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Temple of Augustus
Temple of Augustus

This temple dedicated to Emperor Augustus was built in the 2nd century BC. Its importance lies in the fact that it contains the sole surviving "Political Testament of Augustus", a statement detailing the achievements of the Emperor Augustus. The statement is inscribed on the walls of the Temple . East of Julian's Column and next to Haci Bayram Mosque are the ruins of a temple standing on a site that has, in it's time, been dedicated to an impressive list of deities. Initially a temple to Cybele, an incarnation of the Mother Goddess associated with Anatolia and an awful lot of other stuff, and Men, a Phrygian god of potency, it was later dedicated to Emperor Augustus, probably toning down the rites somewhat. Byzantium claimed it for the Eastern church until Muslims built a Mosque on the site, next to the tomb of Haci Bayram. Not the best Roman site but an interesting location.

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